Murray Family Farms is excited to open for this years Octoberfest ’14! Each year we expand more and more. With remodeling indoor store, with new offerings abound. Our Menu has been completely revamped with brand new food offerings inspired by home cooked meals from Detroit, California, and Oklahoma. The outdoor area will feature brand new attractions from stage shows, animal shows, and barnyard Basketball, Baseball, and football. Make sure to bookmark this page so you don’t miss anything while on the farm, we can’t wait till yall head over.


Mon – Fri
12:00pm to 6:00pm Daily

Saturday & Sunday
8:00 am – 6:00pm

Daily Stage Shows beginning at 10 am.

~~~~~Admission Prices~~~~~
All Admissions: $7.99
3 and under Free!

Sat & Sun $11.99
Infants: Free!

Pole Barn Shows

Animal Garden Events

Games and Attractions


NOW FEATURING… at the polebarn


Come out and visit us on the weekends where we open early to jam in the unbelievable amount of fun stuff going on in the farm, including our entertainment offerings underneath the polebarn

Geezers on the Loose

The ol’ Geezers will be playing a wide variety of traditional down home music, Folk, Bluegrass, and a whole lot of talent, right underneath our polebarn!

Every weekend in October!

Mr.Bill shows off both the small wonders of magic and the absolutely mystifying illusions only vast amounts of experience allow. Performing for over 40 years, traveling the world plying his trade, he will be with us at the farm all Octoberfest!

Omniprescent Puppet Theatre
Oct. 11th ONLY!

OPT, as I call it, puts on an excellent puppet show but whats more is a surprising amount of wit and humor is injected by Don, a puppeteer that sows his own puppets and has traveled as far as china to do shows, and now he’s here, right on our stage.

Bear Mountain Boys ( Band )
Oct. 11th

4 Sets The Bear Mountain Boys are heading down the Okie Trail to visit us here at the farm, and they’ll be playing some of the best bluegrass in Bakersfield for all our visiters on Saturday the 11th!

The Puppet People (Various)
Oct. 11th & 12th

3 Shows We’ll be bringing you a great collection of fairy tales, tall tales, and fun fiction from an up and coming group of puppeteers here from our local area, come out and support our local talent!

Claire’s Faire
Last two weekends only!

One of our favorite performers here at Murray Family Farms! Come join Claire as she takes the stage to bring a collection of the best stories from down the ages to life with YOUR help!


Fantastic Furray Murray Features


Our mild mannered Animal Garden animals life life in anonymity under the cover of “Petting Zoo animals” for most of the year, but during october they take on thier true calling, STARS! Come meet all of our performers during Octoberfest Weekends when you can get up close and personal with our furry friends, watch a show, or meet the worlds most polite turkey.

Butterfly Releasings Every Saturday 11:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:00 pm.
Sunday ONLY at 2:00 pm! Don’t miss!

Opening and Closing Bird Show Sat & Sun 10am & 4pm

Duck Races Sat & Sun 10:30 AM 12:30 PM 2:30 PM 4:30 PM

Turkey Trot Sat & Sun 11:00AM, 3:00PM

Meet Bo & Ramsey Sat & Sun 11:30AM & 2:30PM


Games and Attractions

Pumpkin-pickers on our hayride

Tractor Rides

Hayrides: Everyone who takes a ride on our tractors get to learn a little about us, a lot about fruit, and a ton about having fun. Travel through our 42 acres and stop by the pumpkin patch to pick up your free pumpkin!

Animal Train: Jump into your favorite animal and ride around our Harvest Track! This ride is designed to be enjoyed for those aged 1-12, but anyone can hop on in and see the sites while our mini tractor totes your parade of animals right along.


Mechanical Duck Races: Use old fashioned water pumps to race your ducks to the very end of the path, facing off against up to 9 of your friends!

Bee Exhibit: Check out our live bee exhibit featuring hundreds of local bees going about their daily business collecting nectar and storing honey!

Hay bale Pyramid: Climb up, climb down, climb back up, rule the world.

The Stage: Click IJDIASJDIJASD to see all the exciting Shows, bands, and Plays that will take place in our Polebarn Area during Octoberfest!

Stained Glass Pumpkins: Come decorate your own pumpkin under the polebarn to recieve a second free pumpkin!

Animal Garden

Spiderweb: Live the life of an 8 legged arachnid as you climb around our lifesize spiderweb.

Sound Tunnels: Learn how sound works as you speak to someone 15 feet away with only a whisper!

Rare Bird exhibit: Tumbling Pidgeons, African Ringnecks, Love Birds, and much much more in this unique and colorful attraction

Duck Pond: Lucky the Goose and his Ducky friends relax by the waterfall of our Animal Garden.

Koi Pond: Live koi fish in a natrually growing habitat of lilly pads and a fountain! What a place to live!

Pidgeon Coop: Fancy pigeons and normal pidgeons. Which are which? Depends on your tastes!

Pony Pen: Goats, lambs and pony abound in thier own little piece of the beautiful animal garden.

Fun in the Fields


Corn Cannon: Shoot corn out of an air compressed cannon! Impress your friends! Destroy an evil pumpkin!

Butterfly House: Come out every Saturday to see our Butterfly releasing, our vi

sit any old time to observe hundreds of butterflies and learn a bit about them too!

Spookly Maze: Travel through our mini corn maze and learn about Spookly(tm) the Square Pumpkin. It’s hip to be square.

Corn Maze: Our biggest Corn Maze yet! Sectioned off into 5 diffrent sub mazes featuring all of our previous attractions and a few new ones too!

Jumping Pillow: Everyones Favorite! Hop on and bounce along with friends on our giant trampoline style pillow. Basketball game

U-Pick Seasonal: Pick fruit directly from our orchards and taste berries fresh off the bramble! Take home double the fruit for nearly half the price.