About The Farm

MG_8844-200x300Grown Ripe Here

Seasonal fresh fruits are available in sequence year-round due to the 178 varieties we grow right here on the farm. Tree fruit, such as peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, apples, pluots, and many others are picked daily while in season and placed directly from the trees to our store displays.

Murray Family Farms is dedicated to providing the highest quality produce, with superior flavor and nutritional value. Our constant search for the most flavorful varieties means new ground is always being broken.

Sustainable Farm Practices

We live and raise our family right here on the farm.

Steve Murray and Steven Jr.

Steve Murray and Steven Jr.

Murray Family Farms is certified through GlobalG.A.P. (GGN: 4052852192514). This comprehensive approach to farming emphasizes the use of compost to improve soils and eliminate agriculture burning, utilizes methods of crop rotation and biological materials, in order to minimize commercial sprays, and provide a safe and sanitary working environment for our valued employees and visitors. For the purpose of water conservation, 100% of our crops are drip irrigated, which achieves a water efficiency of 95%.

At Murray Family Farms, we grow our crops with integrity and guaranteed food safety. Our farm home is situated right here, smack-dab in the middle of our orchards where we live and raise our family. Agricultural sprays are minimized, and only approved organic materials are used from bloom to harvest. We are blessed with fertile soil, an ideal climate, and pure irrigation water. Fruit can be eaten “ripe” off the trees.