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Drought Also Affecting Crops

KGET.com – 7/10/2008 The extreme heat is a major issue for Kern County farmers, but it’s not their only problem. A 3 year drought, and severely restricted water exports to the valley are putting additional pressure on crop production down on the farm. Parched crops, the sound of lost revenue. And this isn’t a scene more »

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Octoberfest at Murray Farms

KGET.com – 9/30/2011 It’s the last day of September and this weekend several Octoberfest events are kicking off. Murray Family Farms hosts a family-friendly style Octoberfest, with lots of October-themed activities and food to enjoy too. Murray Family Farms has hosted Octoberfest for eight years and they say it gets bigger and better each year. more »

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Halloween boosts local farm revenue

KGET.com – 10/05/2011 Murray Family Farms has been part of the Kern County agriculture industry for 21 years. At the start, the family primarily grew cherries and berries for the big spring season – that is until Steve Murray decided to diversify his business. Murray launched Octoberfest eight years ago – it’s a Halloween experience more »

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