Farmers market: Fresh vegetables, tasty sweeets available at farmers market

Ventura County Star – May 5, 2012
By Anne Kallas

The Newbury Park farmers market continues to offer tasty treats such as the popular bean pies from Shabazz Bakery in Inglewood, according to Curtis Muhammad, who was selling the unique desserts that taste much like pumpkin pie. There were also individual-sized peach pies, cherry cheese and blueberry cheese pies.

At the booth of Ayala Farms of Oxnard, Lupe Aguilar said the fresh spring onions on sale were great for cooking. The spinach, radishes and other spring vegetables were all enticing. Aguilar said the tomatoes and cucumbers are still being grown in greenhouses. She said it will be a few months until they can be grown outside. Aguilar said the strawberries have been faring well despite the recent rains.

At the booth of All-Green Farm of Riverside there was a great assortment of citrus, as well as apples left over from last season’s harvest. Skyline Flower Growers had seasonal blossoms, including lilies and alstroemeria.

Cherry season is here: The first cherries of the season were available at the Murray Family Farms booth at the Ojai farmers market. Murray Family Farms of Bakersfield offers a variety of stone fruit throughout the summer months.

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