Fun On The Farm

Pumpkin-pickers on our hayride

Pumpkin-pickers on our hayride

And head out to the fields! Our tractor driven wagons traverse 43 scenic acres of cultivated crops surrounded by citrus groves, golden foothills, yellow roses, and the Tehachapi mountain skyline.

Buddha's Hand

Buddha’s Hand

Our tractor drawn wagon rides are packed full of sights and sounds of a working farm as they traverse 43 scenic acres of cultivated crops. View the surrounding citrus groves, golden foothills, yellow roses, and the Tehachapi mountain skyline on top of a hay wagon. Our tour guides are outgoing, informative, and down right funny. Visitors get to sample what’s ripe for the picking, and learn about local points of interest, our farming practices, fruit facts, nutrition, and the surrounding agricultural splendor. Stops are made along the way to observe farming activities and to pick up U-Pickers.

Hayrides run Saturdays and Sundays only, or with a scheduled tour.

Check inside the Big Red Barn for our Murray Family Farms’ special monthly farm activities passes.

Our Petting Zoo

Visit our menagerie of friendly goats, fancy pigeons, woolly sheep, miniature horse, peacocks, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys and baby animals who all love having your company.

5644886788_e2743d3056_oAdmission for the petting zoo is included with the general farm admission, which is purchased at the registers in the Big Red Barn. The experience starts by hand washing with clean soap and water, and you’re ready to cuddle our gentle goats, including boar crosses, pygmies and kidder goats. We have amiable sheep and a very sweet but sassy miniature horse. The various ducks and chickens are fun to watch because they are always busy. The sound of turtle dove cooing sets the mood and is very soothing.

Guests are always impressed by the 1,500 square foot peacock hutch. The 10 happy royal blues holler loudly, court, strut, and show their beautiful plumage. Recently expanded to include tons of exotic birds who dine on the finest feasts a fowl could fawn for.