Watch Steve Murray’s Presentation on the California Drought!

Part of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market 2014 Library Panel Series.

Murray Family Farms: A vacation on one tank!

An oldy but goody, join KTLA as they tour the farm and find out that Bakersfield has more to offer than the heat in their “One tank Vacation” segment.. RIPE fruit, Farm fun, and good eats.

Murray Family Farms receives “Small Business of the Year” Award


“Murray Family Farms is the embodiment of a business that embraces the community by creating a family-oriented business that values people and great produce,” Salas said in a statement. “The Murray family has done more than just sell produce – they have created a fun and safe destination for the community to learn about agriculture. I am proud to honor Steve and Vickie Murray from Murray Family Farms as the 32nd Assembly District Small Business of the Year.” Read more…

Family Farm Fanatics converge from all around the world, helping local economy.

Murray Family Farms is proud to be bringing our history of agriculture to a forfront of local tourism, along side other Bakersfield notables such as the Historic dust-bowl migration and the rich “Bakersfield Sound”. Check us out on ABC23 as they take a look at why agritourism is helping make Bakersfield an even bigger destination.


Murray Family Farms at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

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Murray Family Farms on KTLA