U-pick on the Farm!

What’s in season?

Come join us at the Big Red Barn and the Little Purple Barn year round to indulge in one of the best parts of visiting a real family farm, picking your favorite fresh fruit! Between our Seasonal Harvest guide, and our full orchards you’ll be able to find the best of the bunch in just a pinch. Making healthy habits a family experience, and the best. tasting. fruit. around. This is going to be a day to remember! Check out the seasonal harvest guide to find out which berry will be best for your family pie bake, or which grapes freeze the best for summer snacking.

Click here for Directions to our farm!

Prime for Picking!

Grapefruit and Pumelo

Organic Avocado






Oranges and Blood Oranges



 Most U-pick fruit is sold by the basket. Fill your basket, and go to town!


1.5 Quart Basket – $5.00


$5.00 for an entire basket! Fill it high!


$1.50 per pound


Tips for U-Picking from the pro’s!

  • Wear Comfortable shoes! Old Athletic sneakers make for a fantastic picking companion as you traverse between our bearing trees.
  • Bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun as you pick, and don’t forget sunscreen!
  • Be a real farmer! Check your farmers almanac for the weather of the day so you can dress accordingly.
  • Consider what fruit you will be eating right away, and which ones you will be saving. By picking for ripeness, you can have a months worth of snacks from one trip!
  • Find out how to identify the best fruits. You’ll learn about that in our Seasonal Harvest guide!
  • Teach your kids how to identify the best fruits! Not only will your family be a mean lean picking machine, but you’ll share that memory for the rest of your life!
  • Ask for tips from the Murray Staff. If you need a refresher on what a good blackberry looks like, or where to find the nearest blooming breed, all you have to do is turn to your friendly farm fam!
  • Don’t remove the stem! Pinch fruit at the base of the stem and twist. By plucking the fruit from its stem, you shorten its shelf life exceptionally! Except Raspberries, Definitly take off their stem.
  • Don’t pick fruit that isn’t ripe yet! Most fruits will not ripen off the tree. Except Avocados and Citrus!
  • Don’t Overpack! We may be a farm, but we’re not a jungle. You definitly don’t want to lug around giant bags and containers across the farm. We keep everything you’ll need in the Barn, so feel free to embrace the day! We’ve got you covered!
  • CALL AHEAD! If you’re thinking of coming out for something, mother nature is unpredictable! If you have your heart set on a great picking session, call to make sure we have what you’re after, and if the staff will give you directions to it on the farm.

Don’t be lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut!

Here are a couple tips on how to be a mighty fine guest, and we sure would appreciate you taking consideration of ’em!

  • Fill your basket, and only your basket!
  • Don’t break the trees! When limbs are broken, they can open the tree up to disease, which threatens the entire farm!
  • Be Careful! Watch your step out on the farm. Being in nature can be exciting, experiencing new things and facing new challenges… but sometimes those challenges are cheeky roots waiting to catch your laces!
  • Don’t pick it if you don’t want it. We can’t glue it back on! Make sure you want something before you pull it off the tree. There’s no going back!
  • If you look over your shoulder before you do something, just don’t do it! It’s a bad idea!